Discounts on traveling and accommodation with Hostels of Europe Card.

Global Choices can help you save money while travelling with the Hostels of Europe Card. Anyone of any age can apply and receive this card and enjoy the benefits of the discounts whilst travelling around Europe.

Members receive a discount of 5% - 15% on accommodation at all affiliated hostels. These number over 300 quality independent hostels.

The Hostels of Europe Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and you can use it anywhere on the continent with any of the participating hostels during this period. With the purchase of each card, you will receive a map of Europe with accommodation listing provided.

Whether your dream is to glide through Venice on a gondola, experience a Parisian romance under the Eiffel Tower, go white water rafting or skiing in Switzerland, or lying on the beach in Spain, finding the right place to stay at the right price is always going to take some planning. With the Hostels of Europe Card, you can find the place of your dreams with less hassle and at a discount price!

Do you know that...

... just 15 years ago Europe was very much a divided continent? Do you know that in those times free travel from East to West and from West to East was as rare as a rainy day in Sahara? Yes, free travel today (and indeed in the past) is one of the most valuable opportunities for young people to experience. It is the best way to explore new countries, cultures and traditions, and ultimately to learn more about yourself, your own country and culture, and your individual place in the world.

If you are a young person or a student (but do not shy away - we are open to people of all ages!) Global Choices will help you go to the place of your dreams! Global Choices together with Hostels of Europe provides a full range of services to help you organise your trip to the destination/s you have always wanted to experience. Our programme will assist you with the following:

  • Find the best accommodation, at the best locations of your choice, and at the lowest possible prices;
  • Tailor the accommodation to your particular needs, whether you are a backpacker or a budget traveller, regardless of your age and travelling style;
  • Provide you with a complete up-to date guide of all our hostels and destinations to help you make an informed decision;
  • Help you obtain your personalised Hostels of Europe Card

To enjoy all these services and assistance, you only need to purchase the Hostels of Europe Card. It costs just 10 GBP (15 Euro, $ 16 US) plus 5 GBP for delivery outside the UK, and it will open you the door for the journey/s of your lifetime. This is a modest investment by any standards, but one you will earn back very soon, in some cases in only 2 days of your stay at our discount price hostels.

You can purchase the Hostels of Europe Card by filling an application form.

Do not miss this great opportunity to travel freely at the most reasonable prices you will ever find! We are enjoying as much the chance to help you travel seamlessly, as you will enjoy your own trip.

Benefits of Hostels of Europe Card

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