Low-cost international calling with Global Choices SIM-card

Reaching out to a larger world through Global Choices SIM-card, putting the SIM in simple and allowing you to communicate globally, while on the move! This SIM card costing only £5 is a product of a worldwide telecoms company and a leading supplier of low-cost international calling.
Having been in the market since October 2003, this SIM-card is operated by established and experienced telecommunication professionals. Our rates are one of the cheapest and most competitive that you will find in the market. Why don’t you call the world for a cheaper rate than 02, Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, Mobile-world, IDT, and Virgin.

Benefits Of Global Choices Sim Card

  • Get cheap international rates from your mobile;
  • Available on any mobile phone;
  • International calls to mobiles from as low as 4p;
  • International sms texts from as low as 11p;
  • Pay as you go international SIM-card;
  • No monthly charges;
  • No connection charges;
  • No charges for incoming calls;
  • Access to call any country at any time of the day;
  • Easy and convenient access "on the move";
  • Free online call records;
  • Your mobile & landline will be on the same account;
  • Ability to make cheaper calls from landline from same pay as you go account;
  • No contract or sign up required;
  • No pin or access numbers;
  • Opportunity to keep your own number;
  • Auto-top up feature;
  • Voicemail feature;
  • IVR Service (Recorded Voice Assistance) at your fingertips.

Procedures On How To Use It

  • No activation required;
  • Simply insert your SIM into any phone;
  • Top up your account either online, over the phone, or at a post office;
  • Start using your mobile as usual;
  • Short codes:
    • 3232 voicemail
    • 321 Free top-up line
    • 326 balance check
    • *#100# My number
    • 325 customer service

Save even more with the "Home-talking Feature" enabling you to make even cheaper calls to any destination by using the same credit that has been placed on your Global Choices SIM-card account by simply calling an 0800 access number from a landline.

Global Choices. Contact information

Global Choices, 146 Omega Works, 4 Roach Road, London E3 2GY, United Kingdom
Tel: (+ 44) 208 533 2777 (UK)
Tel.: (+1) 646 929 4656 (USA)
Fax: (+ 44) 870 330 5955

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